I’ve been hard at work on the backend of the website for the last several weeks, getting various eCommerce this and web-shop that cross-communicating and actually TALKING. I am pleased to say that now, I may well have FINALLY ironed out on the quirks.. bumps.. and kinks from the Web Store.

We have 6 different mug designs, as well as 5 different shirts with similar logos between the two. All shirts come in a variety of colors as well as sizes up to 5X (which was a feat of wonder to actually achieve). Hats are being worked on as well, and we should have our first design for that product type arriving in the store here within the next week.

I realize that shipping prices aren’t ‘bargain basement cheap’, especially for international shipping… and I apologize for that. We are still in talks withour new product manufacturer, and hopefully new and more economical shipping methods can be offered in the coming months. I just ask that you remember: All purchases thru the shop benefit me directly, and help immensely!

If you have any (reasonable) suggestions for products to add to the store, make sure you poke Ms_Moab (the wife) on twitter!