Check it out here:

I’ve finally gotten around to wrangling all of the various methods by which people can show me financial support. I’ve had my Patreon linked from this website for quite a while but I’ve never listed a PayPal donations option before.. nor had I added the new VaygrimTV initiative to things just yet.

Well now there are three great financial support options listed in one place!

Just a note: I fully realize that not everyone wants to support me in this fashion, or is just flat out not able to do so. The absolute best way you can show support for ANY of your favorite YouTubers is to turn off your AdBlocker when browsing YouTube, and just watch some ads. They take very little time out of your day and usually only stay visible for a minute or two. Do this every time you watch a video, and you’ll help your favorite YouTuber (ANY YouTuber, not just me) quite a bit. Thank you!