Recorded about 1.5 hours of Bioshock Infinite this morning, then went back to start editing it all. What’s the first thing I notice? All of the audio sounds CRAZY ‘tinny’, like it’s being heard through an empty soup can or something. Of course I immediately kick myself for skipping my routine morning “recording setup check” to make sure everything’s fine and running smooth. Went through, checked all my settings and it turns out that Windows Update shifted my audio settings in a bunch of applications over to “Win 7 ASAPI” sound or something, instead of the usual default sound / “Speakers” from which I normally record.

So an hour and a half.. DOWN THE TUBE! Thankfully I can rewind things and re-record it, so only a little bit of time was lost.

Really gotta quit skipping that morning check, something always bites me in the arse when I do!