Since Bioshock – Ep5 went live last night, I’ve been inundated with folks telling me that the audio “goes dead after a couple of minutes”. I would like to clarify.. the audio goes silent for just barely 1 minute, then returns to normal for all but the very last 3 minutes of the video. The entire rest of the video is perfectly fine.

Yes, this is because of YouTube. Yes this is going to be happening a TON more in all of the Bioshock videos specifically because the developers chose to license music instead of making their own. While I understand that this approach saved time and money for the game’s development, it unfortunately puts a cramp in gameplay videos for Bioshock due to the current YouTube restrictions created by the Content ID music matching system.

This does also mean that this problem will continue to happen all through Bioshock 2 and Bioshock Infinite. I expect every 30 minute video from this series will have at least 3 minutes of muted game audio, due to copyright claim issue.

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