I get so busy during the week that I seldom have enough time to actually sit down and watch all the ongoing series that my friends are running. Sundays have quickly become my “YouTube Catchup Day”. I sit down and get back up to speed with all the amazing content being put out by an ever-growing list of great people.

My current watch list:

  • PurpleMentatRorax are both going through single player Terraria 1.3 games, both real informative to watch.
  • TheDarkPreacher has started a play through of FTB Horizons Daybreaker and is participating in my GrimCo Construction series
  • Fergasaurus Rex is tripping his way through Fallout: New Vegas as well as FTB Infinity
  • IA7X_ShadowsI is not only joining in on GrimCo Construction but also has some collab vids with Alrighter Babber
  • Tedyhere has an FTB Horizons Daybreaker series going on as well, with TheOnlyBentley
  • I still haven’t finished BevoLJ’s Buildcraft series
  • I need to go catch up on PurpleMentat’s Ark: Survival Evolved livestreams to see what I missed
  • Morvelaira’s construction progress on ForgeCraft 2

I may not hit every new video but I do try to spend the day catching up and generally supporting my fellow gamers. Who are your current favorites on YouTube or Twitch ? Let me know!