State of the Vaygrim – MAY 2022

Back in the distant land of 2019, before life got complicated by a global pandemic, I officially gave up on YouTube and moved over to Twitch as a ‘Full Time Streamer’. I did my darnedest to stick to a fairly full and regular schedule while trying to vary my content so as to appease a broader audience. It is now May of 2022, and I think it is time to face the proverbial music.

I am tapping out. I’m done.

I am not completely quitting streaming, I’m just not pursuing it as a “professional vocation” anymore. I’ll still be gaming, just like I always do, and helping to run and maintain The League of Ordinary Gamers … just don’t expect regular weeknight streams from me anymore. For months now I’ve been streaming to empty rooms, with the only viewers being the other people in my Discord Channel that I’m gaming with. Twitch has been flooded with millions of new streamers ever since the Pandemic hit and there is just too much competition now.

Fret not, I’ll still be around and just as irascible as ever, sharing some game that I’m playing in a voice channel on the TLOG Discord. So I am not wandering off into the sunset to vanish forever.

Don’t be a stranger. I’ll catch you in game.

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