NEWS: PC Troubles (again)

A little over a month ago I had a random issue start up where my computer would spontaneously reboot when playing games. I could surf the web or twitter all day, but games caused my system to flip out. This got resolved by swapping out the PSU. Zero issues since.

Until this morning, that is. As of this morning, the exact same thing is happening again… forcing me to reassess the original diagnosis for the problem. Considering this, there is a distinct possibility that the original problem was “two part” and the other half of it was my motherboard. If this is the case, I am going to need a full swap out of motherboard and CPU and Memory as my current versions of all of those are more than 5 years old and no longer one-to-one replaceable.

This means that I am going to be unable to game or stream for a month or more while I get the funds together to buy the replacement parts. Do not fret, I’ll still be on the Discord as well as social media. So feel free to come say hello!

I will post updates here on the website as information comes in, stay tuned.

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