Fallout 76 Wastelanders Perk Builds

The “Wastelanders” update for Fallout 76 is out, and it’s time I actually put some documentation out for the primary Perk loadouts I have been using. I am primarily a Power Armor user, with hard hitting melee and heavy guns for my chosen weapons. Most of my main perk selections will reflect that.

MELEE Melee weapons centric build, with a dash of things like “Gunsmith” & “Bear Arms” when falling back on a heavy gun is required but Perk swapping time isn’t available. “Pain Train” gets used for quick stuns & target interceptions. Optionally swap out “Tenderizer” for “Friendly Fire” when NPC Healing is needed.

HEAVY GUNNERAggressive Offensive Heavy Guns loadout. Designed for higher damage output with minimal regard for incoming damage. “Grenadier” boosts the blast radius of any explosives or explosive weapons used. “Stabilized” increases heavy gun viability while using “Tenderizer” to ensure other allies to increased damage as well.

DEFENSIVE GUNNERUsed in longer fights or against more difficult foes. “Bullet Shield” & “Ricochet” boost survival at the cost of damage output, while “Field Surgeon” raises Stimpack effectiveness.

STEALTHThis build is new since obtaining the “Chinese Stealth Suit” from Wastelanders Storyline Quests. Used primarily in lower level areas, when wanting to save some Fusion Cores.

CAMPER Designed entirely with the ideal of minimizing food spoilage while maximizing Camp / Workshop benefits, this is the default setup used while working at my “Camp” or idling at a Workshop.

“OTHER” BUILDS – There are several other extremely purpose specific builds that I have in addition to the ones listed above. One loadout each for the crafting and maintenance of Guns, Melee Weapons, Power Armor, and Standard Armor. I also have a “Demolitions / Chemist” build for explosives and general Chemistry Bench work. There is also a “WorkshopTank” setup, but that is just my “MELEE” build with some Workshop Building specific Perks swapped in under Intellegence & Agility.


  • All of my “Crafting & Maintenance” perk setups make use of the “Super Duper” Luck Perk. Get it, max it, use it… it can save you tons in crafting materials.
  • “Friendly Fire” under Charisma has become incredibly useful when used in combination with a Shishkebob fire sword. This setup requires zero ammo to heal a friendly NPC, only swings of the Shishkebob.
  • Every perk setup I use when doing general survival adventuring makes use of the Charisma perk “Travel Agent”. It is incredibly useful and has saved me thousands of Caps in travel costs over the course of the game.
  • Agility Perk “Born Survivor” can save your bacon several times over the course of a tough fight. Even when using “Cola Nut” for primary healing I still keep a few Stimpacks in my back pocket to fuel “Born Survivor”.

If you are a Fallout 76 player reading this, and some part of it doesn’t make sense… feel free to ping me either on Twitter or Discord.