What’s Going On

July / August 2020 – Current Projects

Hello everyone! As we near the end of July 2020, I wanted to put a quick post up here on the ol’ website letting you know what has been going on, and what current things I’ve got pending:

  • Audiobook Projects Currently on hold until my Doctor’s offices open back up for outpatient sinus surgery. I have been very fortunate to have my Audiobook project author be incredibly understanding regarding this entire debacle, so I count myself blessed on this front.
  • Twitch Streaming Still going strong streaming Monday thru Friday, 6pm Texas Time every weekday @
  • Current Games Still on the Fallout 76 train, tho slightly less often these days. Also playing Elite: Dangerous, Darksiders Genesis, Final Fantasy 9, and ARK Survival Evolved.
  • Planned Upcoming Games 1st of August I will be turning my Final Fantasy XIV Online subscription. I’ve been feeling the MMORPG itch as of late and the last thing I want to do is give Blizzard any more money.

COVID-19 has not been kind to the state of Texas, but despite this the wife and I have been bunkering down & taking every single precaution possible when dealing with the outside world. We are both high risk cases, and we are taking this entire event very seriously.

Lastly, I’ve got a Merch Store up & running over at StreamElements, adding new designs every week. When you’ve got a spare moment, go take a quick gander and see if anything strikes your fancy. If there is a design that you’d love to see on an XXL Gaming Mouse Pad or Mug, feel free to ping me on Twitter or Discord with the request.

I hope all of you wonderful friends, supporters, viewers, and community members are doing okay and pulling thru this crazy last few months. Stay strong, stay in touch; I can’t do any of this without all of you!


“Dragon: A Histories of Purga Novel”

It is finally here! My very first audio book as Narrator & Producer has been released on Audible, Amazon, and iTunes. “Dragon: A Histories of Purga Novel” by Rustin Petrae is now live and available.

If you are someone that has been thinking of signing up for an Audible Listener membership, please consider using the links below. Thanks!

US –

UK –

France –

Germany –

This project may seem small but it is a very big deal for me personally. This is a first step in a new career, a new change in my life that brings possibility for greater financial stability long term. Also being able to search for your own name on Amazon or Audible and having search results come up? Kinda neat!


NEWS: PC Troubles (again)

A little over a month ago I had a random issue start up where my computer would spontaneously reboot when playing games. I could surf the web or twitter all day, but games caused my system to flip out. This got resolved by swapping out the PSU. Zero issues since.

Until this morning, that is. As of this morning, the exact same thing is happening again… forcing me to reassess the original diagnosis for the problem. Considering this, there is a distinct possibility that the original problem was “two part” and the other half of it was my motherboard. If this is the case, I am going to need a full swap out of motherboard and CPU and Memory as my current versions of all of those are more than 5 years old and no longer one-to-one replaceable.

This means that I am going to be unable to game or stream for a month or more while I get the funds together to buy the replacement parts. Do not fret, I’ll still be on the Discord as well as social media. So feel free to come say hello!

I will post updates here on the website as information comes in, stay tuned.



It has been a hot minute since I have had a hosted website, much less one with WordPress. I am returning to the land of website-enabled persons, and can resume posting content. My “Vaygrim Vision” sub-site ( is now backup and being self-hosted. Huge shoutout to SAPHRYM for keeping the site alive while I was between hosts.